YouTube is the world’s most popular website after Google. YouTube has become more and more popular in many countries around the world. In our country, YouTube has also a growing popularity. By placing ads on this video sharing site, you can reach a wide range of audience. Like many other forms of online ads, YouTube ads also possess several targeting methods depending on your goal. You can place ads on YouTube in the following forms: 

Search Results 
When ads are posted on YouTube search results, ads appear on the top of the results after searching YouTube. This time payment is only made when the user clicks on the ad. 

Close to Video Content 
When you use ads in this form, your ad will appear at the top right of the video being viewed in the banner format or in the first line of videos offered as video. If the user clicks on a banner or video, payment will be made. 

Ads During Video Stream 
Your video ad can be displayed at the beginning, middle, or end of the streamed broadcast. In this case, after 5 seconds of watching the video, the user can click the “Skip” button to go through the ad or watch the video until the end of the video. Payments for these ads will take place if the user monitors the ad video for at least 30 seconds. 

Text Ads During Video Stream 
Text ads appear in the form of at the bottom of the video when the video is broadcasting. Payment is made when the banner is clicked and when the user passes to your site.