Banner or display advertising is advertising on various websites. This ad can be text, image, interactive (rich media), or video format. The main purpose of banner ads is to promote a product and deliver branded messages to their website users. Additionally, display ads play an important role on the website by attracting users, reminding brands, and ultimately increasing online or offline sales. 

Unlike Tri-Media ads (TV, radio, print), you can target, manage and measure your ads on websites. Having more control over your online advertising helps to create a more affordable budget for spending and reaching a more targeted audience. Taking this into account, we perform your display advertising in the following ways: 

Contextual Advertising 
At this time, ads are displayed on websites that match your service or product. For example, if you want to advertise a store that sells sportswear and shoes, we only display ads on sports-related websites. Thus, the relevant advertising attracts more user attention and increases the likelihood of being a potential buyer. 

Behavioral Advertising 
If we visit the YouTube, which is the world’s most widely video-sharing portal from another computer or browser (like Google Chrome instead of Mozilla FireFox), we will see that there are no videos we watch on our daily routines. The reason for this is that each browser creates a user profile that matches the user’s click behavior, and then transmits this information to the website. In this way, YouTube tries to create a show of videos that suits you more. 
The same process can also be used to advertise on different websites. Each web browser collects information on users’ behaviors such as websites the user visits, time spent on individual pages, searches, likes et cetera. Websites, according to this information, show the ads which are the most appropriate for the user. As a result, you are not paying more and do not show your advertising to people who are not interested in your product. 

Apart from the aforementioned targeted ads, you may want to see your ads on a particular website or on a specific page of the site for any reason. Apart from that, we may also recommend you to display your ads on certain websites after we have thoroughly analyzed your products or services and your online marketing goals. As a result, it is possible to place your ads on any of the websites. 

Gmail Ads 
Despite Gmail ads are relatively new, they have been the major preference of many brands to advertise. One of the main reasons for this is the presence of more than 350 million active Gmail users, low cost, and enhanced targeting capabilities. These ads are displayed to Gmail users at the top of the mailboxes in the form of a message or in the form of an ad slot on the right side of the page. When the user clicks on a message (ad), the ad board expands and your product or service information, your contact number, and your link to your website is shown. According to your request, your ads may also be displayed in an image or video format. Gmail ads have the following targeting methods: 

Domain targeting 

We are able to deliver your ads to email recipients from the pages you select. For example, if you are in car sales business, we will target the users who receive emails from car sales sites and deliver them your ad. 

Demographic targeting 

This way, we can target your ad by selecting factors such as age, gender, and region that are appropriate for your product or service. 

Interests targeting 

We are analyzing the area where users are interested in, and allowing you to reach the most appropriate audience. 

Keywords targeting 

We may show your ads to users who have received emails matching the keywords we’ve chosen together.