According to the definition provided by the American Mobile Marketing Association, mobile marketing is a set of practices that allow companies to interact effectively and interactively with the target audience via mobile devices. 

We distinguish mobile marketing from mobile advertising. Since mobile marketing should not be limited to simply advertising on mobile devices. 

Let’s interpret our idea by analyzing the above-mentioned definition. In order for advertising to be successful, the advertised consumer must respond to this announcement, in other words, interact with this ad. For the consumer to be involved and respond to the advertising, the ads should match this person’s profile. Potential customers using mobile devices behave differently depending on their location, situation, and demand. Our marketing experiences and our technological knowledge help us to make appropriate advertising during the different behavior of consumers. Thus, we not just advertising on mobile devices, but offer you a unique mobile marketing service that synthesizes our technical and marketing knowledge. 

You can take advantage of the following benefits:

Location-Based Marketing 

In this case, you can advertise not only where people live permanently, but also where they locate eat any moment. For example, if you have a store in a shopping Mall, you have the opportunity to advertise products for someone in this Mall. Such advertising often creates more sales than other ads. To determine the location of the user or potential client, devices such as IP address, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth et cetera are used. However, it should be remembered that such positioning is possible only after the user’s consent. 

Reaching a Larger Audience 

The number of mobile (smartphones) users is much higher than that of computer users. Apart from that, the total time spent by mobile users on the Internet is growing faster than computer users. All these allow you to reach a wider audience with mobile marketing. 

Cost Saving 

Mobile marketing has a strong position although this is a completely new type of marketing. Therefore, you will face less competition in this type of market.  This also leads to lower costs.

Fast Reaction 

“Mobile” buyers are mostly on the move and can react more quickly to advertising. If the user is looking for a restaurant or a pizzeria nearby, it is likely that he decides to go to a restaurant or order a pizza. In accordance with this situation, we accelerated the decision-making process by providing relevant ads. For example, during Google search ads, the contact number of the restaurant is at the front end of the ad, and the user can press the “call” button to easily contact and order a seat in the restaurant.