Currently, most businesses own websites. And one of the major marketing activities of these businesses is to enhance the flow of visitors to their websites. Using our website analytics service, you will be able to analyze your entire online presence, measure website performance, and take the necessary measures to increase the number of visitors. With this service, we will explore, analyze, and minimize the best-selling advertising strategy and minimize the costs you spend on advertising campaigns. The following is part of the information which you will be provided with. 

The number of website visits per day, the statistics of new and old visitors, the most frequently-stayed page and most abandoned page, and so on. So, you get detailed information about the overall performance of your site per day, week, or month. 

From where the user comes to your website (Social Media, Google Search Ads, Google search results, URL, etc.). By examining which channels visitors used to come to the website, you will find out on which channels your ad is effective and even analyze the performance of your entire marketing activity. 

Where your website user is located. Knowing which region your visitors come from, you can see where your potential customers are located and where your marketing activity is stronger. 

What products are viewed on your website and which products have been bought. If you own an online sales website, you will learn which products are viewed by potential customers. You also can increase your sales by giving preference to these products. 

The keywords your website visitors have written, other websites that indicate your website as a reference. Most businesses spend a lot of money for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for being found on search engines. Here, keywords and reference backlinks are substantial elements. Herewith, we are helpful also in analyzing your SEO activity by providing detailed information in this field. 

What kind of devices are being used by your website visitors (smartphones, tablets, PC).With this information, you can further enhance your mobile or PC’s design, as well as enhance your marketing activity through any device knowing more of your potential customer.