Remarketing is about showing your ads to users who previously visited your site before. In this case, by reminding the user about your brand you increase the probability of a click, as well as your brand awareness and recognition. 

How It Works?     

First, we create a remarketing list on our system. Then we place a small snippet of code on your website. Whenever a user visits your website, her cookie ID is added to our remarketing list. Each time the users in this list visit other websites, your ad is shown to them.



Remarketing Types 

Considering your marketing goals, we offer the campaigns below: 

Standard remarketing 

Whenever a standard remarketing is applied, your any ad, will be shown to users which previously visited your site. Thus, the likelihood that your site will be clicked again is increased. 

Dynamic remarketing 
Being a more advanced form of remarketing dynamic remarketing shows former visitors those ads which the users have previously interested in. For example, if your site is an online sales website and if a user had put a specific product into the basket but have not yet purchased it, you will significantly increase the likelihood of purchase of the product by demonstrating it to the user again. 

Remarketing for search ads 
If a past visitor of your website makes a similar search on google, your ads will also be shown among Google ads. 

Video remarketing 
These types of remarketing ads appear on different websites. It is shown also to users who have liked, shared, or commented on your video. 

Gmail remarketing 
If you have customers contact information and these customers have a Gmail account, we can show them ads on Google, YouTube, and many other websites. 

Social media remarketing 
In this case, we are using social networks like Facebook and Instagram, to show your ads to your past website visitors.