Google has the largest market share in the world and also a market leader in Azerbaijan. In a day, there are 3.5 million searches on Google. Moreover, the majority of the offered products and the development of the Internet have led to the fact that consumers are now conducting online research on the product before making a purchase. Therefore, advertising on Google Search Advertising has become highly important for every business.

google reklamlari,, saytlarin hazirlanmasi

Immediate Traffic

Generally, after a Website is created, it takes a long time (from 3 months to 12 months) to be able to locate on Google search system. Hence, website owners will have to be busy with  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which requires a long time. However, Google ads get visibility within 24 hours from the start of the campaign and start collecting visitors on the website. This, in particular, creates favorable conditions for new businesses to quickly access the market.

In the Right Place at the Right Time

One of the biggest problems in the advertising sector is that people do not have the time to view your ad, even when your ad correctly delivered to the right audience. Identifying or measuring this is a very difficult process. In case of Google search advertising, ads emerge when people search for products and when they need them. Thus, the relationship between the buyer and the seller takes place at the most relevant time.

Targeted Ads

One of the main principles of marketing is to convey the message to the target audience. This problem can be solved because the search engine is based on the user’s query. However, it is extremely important to determine which keywords will be right for your business or your potential customer. To do this, we take a closer look at your business and target audience, develop keywords through various online devices, and constantly improve those keywords for their performance.

Additionally, in contrast to the original results in the search engine, in paid ads, the user is directed not to the main page (Homepage), but to the most appropriate page according to her keyword. Thus, we reduce the likelihood of the user leaving the site without performing the desired activity.

Through our advanced knowledge like how headlines automatically change according to the user’s keyword, your ad will be more appropriate for the user than competitors. Thus, it will increase the likelihood of a click significantly.

Limitless Access

Through search ads, large and medium-sized companies can reach their target audience not only within Azerbaijan but also beyond the borders of our country. This creates big opportunities for business, especially in the tourism industry. Thus, tourists who prepare their travel plans in Azerbaijan, at a time when the flow of tourists to our country is noticeably increased, are the direct target audience of local hotels, restaurants, airline et cetera. Accordingly, we produce search ads that are in line with the needs of each business, deliver targeted messages to the target audience and conduct it in English, Russian, German, Arabic and Turkish languages.

Location Targeting

Targeting ads to a specific area and determining which day or time the ad appears on the search engine is one of the most important features of Google ads. For example, any pizza shop can use this function to ensure that ads appear in the search engine only in the regions where it is can be delivered. Thus, the non-adjacent mass will not be advertised and it will save the ad budget.

Visibility on a Map

Increased use of smartphones also increased the importance of Google Maps. Almost every Google search is showing up on our map. With these maps, your customers can easily find your company’s location. These maps are not just about your company’s geographical location but also about your contact numbers, your website address, email address, hours of work, and other important information. By gaining visibility on the map, you get wider space on the first page of the search engine. So, you will substantially increase the likelihood of the site’s clicks and brand recognition. Thereby you get visibility on the Google search page, Google map searches, and various navigational devices.

Planning the Advertising Time

Another important feature is when it’s time to advertise. In this case, businesses advertise only during their working hours so there is no need to pay extra for advertising at non-working hours. This, in turn, saves the advertising budget by providing the maximum cost-effective spending, which lacks in TV and many other traditional advertisements.  The feature offers great opportunities especially for private clinics, drugstores, restaurants, and so on.


In contrast to many offline (TV, newspapers, banner, etc.) advertisements, it is possible to determine which ads are more effective and which keywords perform better as a result of tracking all the activity on the website after users’ click. Thus, we put your budget on the most effective ads. In addition, through online devices, you can be aware how long each visitor stayed on each page when they leave the website, and so on. We define your target audience well and make suggestions for certain adjustments to your site. So, you get the most out of your ad budget.

Brand Awareness and Recognition

As we all probably know, most large firms spend millions of dollars to promote their brand names. The fact that people get acquainted is of crucial importance for the success of the brand-owner company. By helping your ads reach out people who are interested in your product or service, we help spread or remind your brand of the target audience. The best part of it is that if a potential customer sees your ad but does not click on it, you’ll increase your brand awareness, recognition as well as your website’s popularity without paying any money.

Consequently, as it is clear from the above-cited advantages, search engine advertising has a crucial importance for every company. Particularly in the pace of increasing tendency of internet usage among the consumers, none of the businesses should disregard the digital marketing. We are ready to help you out in this incomprehensible field. Despite the extent of the accomplishment to which you hitherto have gained in the field of online marketing, our professionals will analyze your digital marketing activity so far and will assist to accomplish beyond those achievements.