seo, seo xidmeti, seo xidmetleri, veb saytlarin hazradilmasiSEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing website’s ranking in web search engines such as Google, Yandex, Bing. This activity is a collection of doings which should be done onsite and offsite in a certain time period. Our SEO strategies are based on consultative approach and your target audience and marketing goals.

SEO Keywords

Our search engine marketing services start from determining keywords which are used by your target group while making a search for your products or services. In this stage of optimization process to reach right audience is quite important. We can help you to choose best keywords based on search frequency of your website and appropriateness degree. Right SEO targeting of your company from the very beginning will cause to have greater success.

Competition Analysis

There are lots of companies which target the same keywords and reach your potential customers (have a chance to reach) in the extreme competition on the internet. Analysis of your competitors’ strong and weak sides may create various opportunities. That is why in this stage of SEO process analysis of rival companies based on keywords and strategy preference are extremely important in order to visible on top results and get stronger there.

SEO and Content Creation

Content strategy is quite significant to achieve success on the internet. Search engines index new and unique contents. Regardless of that, end product of search engines should not be made up of only content. A decent content should help not only to improve ranking, but also to turn your visitors to real customers. Our colleagues are able to create professional and unique content which contains clear and optimized marketing message for both search engines and visitors.

Local SEO

Local search usually contains location determinant about a keyword and is used by customers who look for a service or product in a certain location. During such searches search engines do demonstrate geographic map of local lists, give crucial information related to contacts and directions. We can help you to optimize your local business list for those geographically centered searches. Local search advertising targets local consumers who are ready to buy certain product or service.

Link Building

Building relevant links on other websites is a complicated process. Relevant high quality links are one of the fundamental factors which determine how high ranking the website has on search engines. Building relevant links on other websites is a complicated process which takes time and requires discipline. Beneficial links on other websites create traffic to your website and cause to build a reputation in the sight of search engines. As Interactive Media we apply several methods and technics in order to improve your website’s ranking and build useful links.

Mobile SEO

By the evolution and development of smartphones the popularity of mobile search engines is increasing. Optimization for mobile SEO requires a unique strategy that facilitates the most important information regarding your business to seem fast and easily. We increase your website’s ranking by using technological factors which are regarded as important by search engines on mobile version of your website.

Video SEO

Contemporary search engine optimization may include several multimedia to create sorting and drive traffic to your website. In this case, search engines show video results related to certain keyword. We offer you help to create multimedia campaign to complete SEO activities and chance to reach wider audience by optimizing your video in terms of search.

Web Marketing Analytics

Marketing campaigns regarding search engines should be analyzed closely and regularly. We clarify changes your website needs by determining mostly utilized keywords and identifying keywords used by users to visit your website. With the help of analytics engines we define features of your website users. According to this information future SEO activity direction is determined. Thus, your website is shown to relevant users.

Interactive Media is fully responsible for all offered services towards its customers. Promised result of our SEO service at the end of the certain period is guaranteed.